Reading 2013-2014

Individual Reading 

So far, students have read 233,692 pages collectively. (3-20-2014)

Term 1 Pages Read

Pod 1       19166 pages
Pod 2       23560 pages
Pod 3       24420 pages   Winner!!!
Term 2 Pages Read
Pod 1        24,104 pages     Winner!!!
Pod 2        22,228 pages
Pod 3        16565 pages
Term 3 Pages Read
Pod 1       34,188 pages    
Pod 2       32,592 pages    
Pod 3       36,869 pages   Winner!!!     
Term 4 Pages Read
Pod 1       
Pod 2        
Pod 3        
Here you'll find a copy of the GSK for term 4.  Get it signed and get it turned in.

Here is a list of the projects.  You'll be doing just 1 this term.  You'll be assigned a date to present.  Please don't be late.

You'll need one of these every week.  They go from Wednesday to Wednesday.  Don't turn them in late.  If you lose it, print another here.

Look here if you've forgotten what day you are presenting on.

Use this link to access a table to convert the number of pages you've read into a percentage.  This percentage indicates what grade range you're in.
Term 3 FAQ (GSK)
 Do have questions about Individual reading for term 3?  This document should answer those questions.  You also have a copy of this document in your folder or notebook.  It is your GSK.

Here is the third project for term 3

Sign-ups for project
Did you forget the dates you signed-up for?  Check here.

Here is the first project for term 3.

Here is the second project for term 3.

 The GSK from term 2 is available using this link.  You might find it helpful answering some general reading questions.

 This document contains the directions on how to write an acrostic poem.  It also contains an assignment. DO NOT do the assignment as your book project.  Follow the directions on the project sheet.
254,549 Pages Read Over the Year