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Pack Time

Students should come into my class during Pack Time Intervention to get the extra help they need.  The purpose of Pack Time Intervention is not to provide a place where students do or finish the homework or other assignments that should have been done the night before.  I host Interventions where students can get specialized help on the concepts with which they are struggling.
I have linked the SFJH Pack Time Schedule here.  Use this to plan where you can go during Pack Time.  I will  host two interventions, one Enrichment Activity, and one Study Hall/Reading Lab a week.  Remember, Wednesday's are early out days and there is no Pack Time.
If you simply need to finish homework, I suggest you attend a Study Hall or a Computer Lab.  Computer Labs have one great advantage--you can get on the class website and print the assignments you might be missing.
If you miss a test or quiz in my class--or any other teacher's for that matter--you can ask to take that test in the Testing Center--room 33.  I do need 1 day's notice to get the test or quiz to the counseling office, so give me a 24 hour heads-up.