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Beginning the Year
Supply List

General supplies used for all classes

  • 5 Pencils or 2 Mechanical Pencils 
  • 1 Lined Paper--loose leaf only, college rule
  • 1 Binder --at least 1 1/2 inches wide, use for English and Math
  •  Dividers -- you'll need 3 divisions for English; one for homework, one for handouts, and one for finished work       
  • 3 Ball Point Pens-- blue or black only
  • 2 Erasers
  • 1 Binder Pouch -- to hold pencils, etc.  (optional)
 Supplies needed for English
  • 1 Red Ink ball point--we use this for grading        
  • 1 box Colored Pencils  -- you won't need more than an 8 pack (keep it small)
  • 2 packs of Sticky Notes -- 3" x 3" size is great, light colors work best
  • 2 Twin-Pocket Folders with 3 Fasteners -- one now for your reading folder and one for later in the year

Budgets are tight for all of us.  If you have concerns with the items on this list, just speak with me (e-mail is good) and we'll make arrangements. 


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